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SUNSET TOUR (starts 15:30 from the old port)

Active from 10/05/2017 to 30/09/2017
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    • SUNSET TOUR (starts 15:30 from the old port) 15.30pm
    • 15.30pm
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  • Price (per adult): 35€
  • Price (per child): 14€


Duration 5 hours approximately

A peaceful romantic trip with the essence of a cruise to be unforgettable is the below excursion. It departs from the old port of Fira at 15:30 with a wooden sailling boat.

After a short trip of 10 minutes it reaches the small port of Nea Kameni , where the active volcano is. Your time there is for about 1 hour and 15 minutes where you can walk up and visit this wild landscape with the different volcanic rocks and the active craters of the volcano , where there is still smoke coming out and keenly smells sulfur.

To continue , the boat will depart for the island of Palaia Kameni , where the hot springs are located. Inside the small bay of Agios Nikolaos the water temperature is 30-35 degrees Celcious but it constantly mixes with seawater. The boat stays for about 30 minutes , enough time since there is no beach , but you have to climb down a ladder of the boat into the sea and swim a distance of about 30 meters to the interior of the small bay , where the mud baths are.

After swimming at the hot springs the boat will start a sail around the caldera where you can take magnificent pictures of the landscape and the houses that literally hang on the edge of the cliff , in compination with the beautiful colours of the sunset. On a wooden boat with sails , listening to nice music and enjoying a glass of local wine.
After the sunset the boat returns back to the old port of Fira.

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